ICP-OES Spectrometer (SPECTROGREEN): Twice the Light – Twice the Power

In comparison to other analytical devices in its class, the SPECTROGREEN offers the best price/performance ratio. Utilizes innovative UV-PLUS technology for no-purge savings and saves on consumables!

Finally, it requires no added cooling —eliminating the need for expensive, breakdown-prone external chillers.

Between its TI, DSOI, and SOP versions, SPECTROGREEN delivers ultra-reliable analyses of everything from trace elements in challenging
matrices such as sea water, soils, and sludges to organic based samples, high-salts and metal samples, to higher concentrations level. Choose the right version to suit your application. The ICP-OES spectrometer – SPECTROGREEN is ideal for routine analysis in environmental & agronomy applications, and many more.

Low Cost of Ownership
The new ICP-OES Spectrometer – SPECTROGREEN analyzer offers a competitive price/performance ratio — and perhaps the lowest operating expenses in its class. It saves on consumables with the innovative UV-PLUS technology for no-purge savings averaging $3000 per year! Finally, it requires no added cooling — eliminating the need for expensive, breakdown-prone external chillers.

Key Product Features:

  • Three models for highest versatility
  • Dual Side On plasma observation DSOI -Provides up to factor two higher sensitivity and detection limits
  • Extremely high matrix compatibility-Comparable performance to vertical torch dual view systems
  • High linearity and stability
  • Ergonomic and functional component array- Direct visibility of and access to all sample introduction components
  • Shortest fluid paths –  possibility of the quasi integration of the autosampler into the instrument
  • Innovative, Powerful LDMOS Generator (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor)
  • High performance optical system–Optimized Roland Circle Alignment (ORCA) Technology
  • Simultaneous measurement of wavelengths between 165 and 770 nm
  • UV Plus System– Argon Gas filled hollow section which is sealed, no purging required.
  • OPI- Air Interface. No external cooling system required
  • Easy Maintenance -Easy access to all components requiring regular maintenance
  • No external Chiller/Air Compressor required for the operation of the instrument
  • Instrument Size – 125×57.5×108.5 cm (WxDxH), Weight 160Kg

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