ICP-OES Spectrometer – Spectro Arcos


ICP-OES Spectrometer – Spectro Arcos
The Only ICPOES in the Market that offers Wavelength Range from 130 to 770nm! Analyzing Chlorine is now possible!

ICP-OES Spectrometer – Spectro Arcos is the ideal choice for challenging samples in Environmental, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Academic Applications. Its uniquely designed MultiView plasma interface option provides truly axial-view and radial-view plasma observation in a single instrument. By an effortless turn of the load coil, the orientation of the plasma can be changed.

Its innovative, exclusive solid-state generator offers the industry’s highest power in an energy-efficient, future-proof package. The design of this device provides exceptionally low operating costs over a long, durable service life. In addition to its modern, ergonomic chassis, it boasts features such as no-purge UV-PLUS sealed gas purification technology, an OPI-Air interface without external cooling, a simplified sample introduction, and easy service and maintenance access.

The ICP-OES Spectrometer – Spectro Arcos is the ideal instrument when you need high performance and sensitivity in your Laboratory.

Key Product Features:

  • Ergonomic and functional component array- Direct visibility of and access to all sample introduction components
  • Ultra short fluid paths – right hand side sample entry
  • 4-channel Pump
  • All gas flows volume flow controlled
  • Easy to change, pre-adjusted sample introduction system
  • MultiView-True Axial and True Radial plasma observation with one instrument
  • Innovative, Powerful LDMOS Generator (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor)
  • High performance optical system–Optimized Roland Circle Alignment (ORCA) Technology
  • Simultaneous measurement of wavelengths between 130 and 770 nm
  • UV Plus System– Argon Gas filled hollow section which is sealed, no purging required.
  • OPI- Air Interface. No external cooling system required
  • No external Chiller/Air Compressor required for the operation of the instrument
  • Instrument Size : 158 x 76 x 107 cm (WxDxH), Weight: 240 kg

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ICP-OES Spectrometer – Spectro Arcos