XRF Spectrometer – SPECTRO MIDEX


The XRF Spectrometer – SPECTRO MIDEX X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer was developed for elemental analysis in industry, research and the sciences, which require a non-destructive measuring system that is extremely sensitive and has a small measuring spot. The instrument in its 5th generation offers improved sensitivity allowing for short measurement times, high precision enabling highly accurate analysis. Easy to handle and easy to operate.

XRF Spectrometer – SPECTRO MIDEX has turned in ultra-reliable top-rated XRF performance in all these areas. It’s the industry standard in many assay laboratories worldwide. Now a fifth generation of SPECTRO MIDEX analyzers — with up to triple the sensitivity even of previous models — approaches fire assay technology in precision, while greatly surpassing it in speed and ease. And it’s fully optimized for precious metals applications.

The Instrument Highlights:


  • Specialist for the analysis of small spots and the mapping of large surfaces
  • Extremely sensitive and very fast
  • Long-distance working option for irregularly formed samples
  • Small footprint but spaciously dimensioned sample chamber with a large opening
  • Integrated video system for exact sample positioning
  • Analysis of light elements (Mg-Cl) with low helium consumption
  • short measurements times or
  • high precision analyses



Technology – Sample Presentation:


  • Spaciously dimensioned sample chamber
  • Large, very accessible opening for easy placement of the sample into and removal from the chamber
  • Lockable additional viewing window to look into the closed chamber
  • Integrated video system for exact sample positioning
  • Optional motor-driven XYZ table with long travel path for line scans and mappings of large sample areas



Technology – Options

  • Software-controlled collimator changer
  • Analysis of light elements (Mg-Cl) with low helium consumption
  • Large working distance of 20 mm for analysis of recessed and irregularly formed sample areas

Software Features

  • New user interface for quick and easy point measurements
  • Rapid step-by-step procedures guide through defining line scans and mappings
  • Accurate analyses of metal alloys with the FP+ Fundamental Parameter method
  • RoHS compliance screening for a wide range of plastics and composite materials

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XRF Spectrometer – SPECTRO MIDEX