About Us

About Bio Laboratories

Bio Laboratories is a leading distributor of medical, scientific and lifescience products in Singapore.We focus on serving customers through the innovative and responsible application of science and technology. Bio Laboratories prides itself on its efficient service and technical service support.

With its suppliers as business partners, one of Bio Laboratories goals is to bring new technologies into the market which will benefit its customers and in the process grow its overall business. This is the reason for our existence. We believe in long-term partnership with our customers and business partners based on mutual trust and respect.


Logo Rationale

The logo reflects the type of trade, which Bio Laboratories is dealing with- Helping science work with research, medical and laboratory equipment.

The cross in the letter “O” symbolizes the medical aspects of its business and the line below it signifies its importance as a major contributor in helping save lives.

Turquoise is a mixture of green and blue. Green represents life and blue, which is related to water provides and sustains life.

Hence, turquoise symbolizes life where science and life itself are inseparable.