The Preferred Solution for Routine Elemental Analyses

SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES with it’s compact size is just the right fit for today’s crowded laboratories. With aluminum construction that’s sturdy but lightweight, it can be easily transported, and installed on the same standard benchtop as an FAAS analyzer

In addition, all connections points are located on the instrument’s right side, for convenience and ease during installation, maintenance, and use.

Unlike some lower-level ICP-OES systems that may use lesser-quality parts,  SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES features many of the same critical components — such as the generator technology, gas controller, readout system, and user interface — utilized in higher performing products such as ICP-OES Spectrometer – SPECTROGREEN and the flagship ICP-OES Spectrometer – Spectro Arcos system. Because it is a premium performer, it is stable and robust.

Key Product Features:

  • Ergonomic and functional component array- Direct visibility of and access to all sample introduction components
  • Side-On Plasma Interface (SPI) – radial plasma view for high sensitivity, added linear range, accuracy and precision
  • Innovative, Powerful LDMOS Generator (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor)
  • High performance optical system–Optimized Roland Circle Alignment (ORCA) Technology
  • Simultaneous measurement of wavelengths between 175 and 777 nm
  • Easy Maintenance -Easy access to all components requiring regular maintenance
  • No external Chiller/Air Compressor required for the operation of the instrument
  • Instrument Size – 116.5×74.8×87 cm (WxDxH), Weight 150Kg

Convenient Factory Methods

The instrument comes with factory-installed methods that are standards-compliant. Full documentation and complete sample introduction system for each unique application is also available. So users can simply install, calibrate — and start analyzing, without the trouble of first developing a method for a given material.


Packages include:
• Wastewater / Industrial Wastewater
• Soil / Sewage Sludge
• Lube oil (wear metals and additives)
• Crude oil
• Distillation fuels
• Biodiesel.

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