2-AB-plus Labeling Kit

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  • Convenient fluorescent labeling of glycans with 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) by reductive amination.
  • Any purified glycan or glycan pool with a free reducing sugar may be labeled.
  • The 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit improves on the traditional 2-AB Labeling Kit (p/n GKK-404) by providing the 2-AB and Reductant already in solution.
  • You can now use what you need, and store the rest of the kit for later use, with no glass ampoules.
  • GKK-804 can be used as a direct replacement for GKK-404: when mixed, the GKK-804 2-AB labeling solution will be the same as what is made when all components of GKK-404 are combined.
  • Up to 48 samples may be processed.


  • Count : 48
  • Technique : LC & LC/MS
  • Equipment and Reagents Provided by User
    • GlykoPrep cleanup module (product code GS96-CU) or GlycoClean S cartridges (product code GKI-4726), 1 cartridge per sample for preand post-labeling cleanup
    • Water, HPLC grade
    • Acetonitrile, HPLC grade
    • Heating block, oven or similar dry heater set at 65°C
    • Centrifugal evaporator (e.g., Savant, Heto or similar)
    • Reaction vials (e.g., polypropylene microcentrifuge vials)


2-AB-plus Labeling Kit