The XRF Analyzer – ED-XRF SPECTROCUBE analyzer delivers easy, reliable, accurate, high-throughput analysis for a variety of applications, e.g. analysis of precious metals, compliance screening or analysis of fuels and lube oils.

The XRF Analyzer – ED-XRF SPECTROCUBE analyzer incorporates state-of-the-art ED-XRF technology, including high-resolution and high-count rate detector to deliver short measurement intervals, effortless workflow via intuitive software, and low downtime.

The instrument is optimized for your application. SPECTROCUBE D is the perfect option if the analysis of small spots is necessary.  For many process monitoring applications the SPECTROCUBE C is very well suited.

Key Features

High Usability

Designed for high sample throughput

  • Convenient and fast operation
  • Well proven XRF Analyzer Pro software
  • Compliant with relevant test methods

Fast Analysis

  • Rapid turnaround time from samples collection to analysis
  • At least twice as fast than competition instruments

High Reliability

  • Easy positioning of test samples
  • Sample plate with protection window
  • Detector shutter
    •  Detector window is covered and only opened during measurement
  • Software controlled collimator and filter changer

SPECTROCUBE Instrument Versions:

CUBE D (direct excitation, small spot)

  • CUBE for precious metals
  • CUBE for compliance screening
    • Can be used for other small spot applications as well (i.e. analysis of gemstones)

CUBE C (combined direct / polarized excitation)

  • CUBE low S
  • CUBE lube oil
  • CUBE 50 kV
  • CUBE 30 kV
    • Can be used for many applications, for liquids, powders, solids


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