Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ UHPLC and HPLC columns


For complex samples requiring higher resolution, Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ columns offer unique chemistries for high performance. Featuring high surface area for greater resolution, these columns provide confidence in quantitative data for LC-MS and HPLC analysis. Column selections range from C18 to mixed-mode (2.2, 3, 5 µm) which provide the diversity you need to solve your complicated sample separations.


Selectivity Functionality Description
Reversed-phase hydrophobic interaction  of nonpolar compounds (reversed-phase) C30 Designed for separating hydrophobic long chain, structurally related isomers
C18 Excellent peak shape for hydrophobic interaction
C8 Similar selectivity to C18 but with less retention
Reversed-phase with enhanced hydrolytic stability Polar Advantage (PA) Sulfonamide functional group for 100% aqueous compatibility
Polar Advantage 2 Amide-embedded functional group
Reversed-phase with selectivity for aromatic compounds Phenyl Alternative selectivity in reverse phase applications, particularly for aromatic compounds
HILIC; enhanced retention of polar and hydrophilic compounds HILIC-10 Urea functional group
Size exclusion SEC Polymeric support for the size separation of water soluble polymers
Mixed-Mode multi-functional Trinity P1 Reversed-phase + weak anion exchange + strong cation exchange
Trinity P2 HILIC + weak cation exchange + strong anion exchange
WAX-1 Alkyl tertiary amine:
reversed-phase + weak anion exchange
WCX-1 Alkyl carboxylic:
reversed-phase + weak cation exchange
HILIC-10 Alkyl diol: reversed-phase + HILIC
Specialty / application specific phases AmG C18 Aminoglycoside analysis
Organic acids Aromatic and aliphatic organic acid analysis
Surfactant Plus Separating anionics, nonionics, cationics, and amphoteric surfactants
Explosives E2 Residue analysis; EPA method 8330
Trinity Q1 Diquat & paraquat herbicide analysis
Carbamate Pesticides/herbicides in EPA method 531.2
Carbonyl C18 Aldehydes and ketones in EPA TO-11, CARB 1004