Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ UHPLC and HPLC columns


Hypersil GOLD HPLC columns are available in 12 different chemistries to optimize separations and maximize productivity. The extensive range of Hypersil GOLD columns offers chromatographers outstanding peak shape for reversed phase, ion exchange, HILIC or normal phase chromatography.

With all 12 phases being available with 1.9 μm particle size, Hypersil GOLD columns offer chromatographers flexibility in choosing the correct column, whether they are using conventional or ultra-high pressure LC systems.

These general-purpose columns for HPLC and LC-MS applications provide exceptional peak shape affording confidence in your analytical data. With minimal peak tailing, these columns are packed to achieve exceptional efficiency, peak shape and resolution. Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ columns offer a broad range of phases and particle sizes (1.9, 3, 5 µm). They are your go-to column for starting method development.


Selectivity Functionality Description
Reversed-phase hydrophobic interaction  of nonpolar compounds (reversed-phase) C18 Excellent peak shape for hydrophobic interaction
C8 Similar selectivity to C18 but with less retention
C4 Short alkyl chain length, low hydrophobicity column for less retention than C18 or C8
Reversed-phase with enhanced hydrolytic stability aQ Polar endcapped C18 are stable in 100% aqueous mobile phases and provide enhanced retention and resolution of polar analytes
Reversed-phase with selectivity for aromatic compounds PFP: Alternative selectivity in reverse phase applications. The fluorine atoms around the phenyl ring enhance pi-pi interactions with aromatic molecules, including hologenated compounds
pentafluoro- phenyl
Phenyl Alternative selectivity in reverse phase applications, particularly for aromatic compounds
Normal phase / reversed-phase CN: cyano For both reversed and normal phase separations; alternative selectivity with lower hydrophobidity.
Multi Mode: WAX / RP / NP Amino Can be used in four modes: reversed-phase, normal phase, ion exchange and HILIC; especially good for carbohydrates
Anion exchange AX: anion exchange Separate proteins, peptides, anionic species and polar molecules
SAX: strong anion exchange Highly stable silica-based quarternary amine strong anion exchange column, designed for separating small polar organic analytes in aqueous mobile phase
Normal phase of non- polar and moderately polar organic compounds Silica Unbonded silica
HILIC; enhanced retention of polar and hydrophilic compounds HILIC Polyethyleneimine functional group


Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ UHPLC and HPLC columns