Gyrozen 1536 Ventilated Microcentrifuge



GZ-1536 Ventilated Microcentrifuge with 24 place fixed angle Bio-Safe rotor, 230V

Gyrozen 1536 ventilated microcentrifuge is the ideal microcentrifuge for all kinds of laboratory industries. Featuring highly distinct functions and a Porton Down certified bio-safe rotor that enable you to operate with utmost versatility.

Smart and innovative in design, Gyrozen microcentrifuge offer the most advanced and user-friendly equipment for all users. Standing in its futuristic apparent, the 1536 boasts an extremely ergonomic user interface that is distinctive in its class.

All Gyrozen equipment comes with 2 years warranty.



  • Speed : 15,000 rpm (21,583 xg)
  • Capacity : 10 x 5.0 mL conical, 36 x 1.5/2.0 mL, 4 x 8 PCR strips
  • Selectable time mode of “from starting” and “At Set SPEED” to enable time counting when set speed is reached
  • “PULSE” key available for quick spin
  • Simultaneous display of all parameters: set and actual values
  • 9 steps of ACC (15 sec) & 10 steps of DEC (15 sec)


Max. RPM/PCF for Fixed Angle 15,000 RPM / 21,583 xg
Max. Capacity for Fixed Angle 36 x 1.5/2.0 mL, 10 x 5.0 mL, 4 PCR strips
Acc. Time to Max. Speed ≤ 15 sec
Dec. Time from Max. Speed ≤ 15 sec
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 240 x 378 x 240
Weight 11.9 kg
Power Supply AC 230V, 50Hz / AC 220-230V, 60/50Hz
Time Control Pulse, timed <100 min or
Time Counting Range Selectable, at set speed or from starting
Program Memory 100
ACC/DEC Ramps 9/10


Fixed Angle Bio-Safe Rotor, GREB-m2.0-24 – Porton Down Certified

  • Capacity: 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL
  • Max. RPM/RCF: 15,000 / 21,206
  • Hole angle from axis during rotation: ∠ 45°
  • Hole dimension (ØxL, mm): 11.1 x 39
  • Hole bottom type: Round
  • Max. height for tube fit (mm): 52
  • Supplied with a lid and two V-rings inserted, no ID ring
Gyrozen 1536 Ventilated Microcentrifuge