Optima MAX-TL – Beckman Ultracentrifuge


Performance. Convenience. Usability.

Beckman Coulter Optima MAX Series of tabletop ultracentrifuges is the absolute top of the line. And while the MAX-TL ultracentrifuge is our entry-level model, it’s so much more than just another tabletop. The MAX-TL delivers optimum functionality and efficiency within a compact, quiet package.


LCD touchscreen display Intuitive, multilingual interface Numerical vacuum display User-defined programs TL rotor compatibility


Maximum Speed 120,000 rpm
Maximum g-force 657,000 x g
Speed Control ± 50 rpm at set speed
Set Temperature 0 to 40°C in 1°C increments
Temperature Control ± 2°C of set temperature
Ambient Operating Range 15 to 35°C
Accel / Decel 10 accel/11 decel
User-defined Programs Virtually limitless
Rotor Tracking
Heat Output 2400 Btu/hr (0.7 kW)
Refrigeration System Solid state – no CFCs, ODCs
HEPA Filter Available (Pharmaceutical-Grade Sterilizing Filter 0.2µm)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 34.5 (front left) 39.4 (rear right) x 73.9 x 61.7 cm

Ordering Information

Configuration Part Number
Optima MAX-TL A95761
BioSafe Package
(MAX-TL and HEPA/Pharmaceutical-Grade Sterilizing filter kit PN 350799)

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Optima MAX-TL – Beckman Ultracentrifuge