Deltalab Slidefolder (Cardboard/Polystyrene)

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Product code colour case qty.
989945 Blue PS 10
989919 Brown Cardboard 50

Available in 2 materials, in polystyrene or in cardboard. They can contain 20 standard slides. Polystyrene model: The base containing the slides is numbered from 1 to 20. Resistant from –80 ºC to 100 ºC.
Not autoclavable The transparent cover, by way of two windows, foldable. Very easy opening. External dimensions: 192 x 292 x 11 mm. The two covers being closed, for the protection of the slides, the identification of the sample labels can be seen perfectly.
The slides are easily removed by pressing with one finger on the side. Stackable

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Deltalab Slidefolder (Cardboard/Polystyrene)