PALL Acrodisc® WBC (White Blood Cell) Syringe Filter

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The Acrodisc White Blood Cells (WBC) syringe filter contains Pall’s patented Leukosorb media. Leukosorb is a fibrous matrix that uses a multimodal approach of size exclusion and adsorption to capture and recover leukocytes from whole blood samples while allowing Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and platelets to flow through the membrane.

Materials of Construction

Filter Media: Leukosorb Housing: Polypropylene

Effective Filtration Area

3.9 cm2

Sample Volume Range

1 – 12 mL

Inlet/Outlet Connections

Sterile: Female luer-lock (clear) inlet/ female luer-lock (white) outlet.

Typical Hold up Volume

Hold up volume < 2 mL, with total sample volume = 12 mL

Maximum Operating Pressure

30 psi

Maximum operating Temperature

34 °C

Shelf Life

3 years



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PALL Acrodisc® WBC (White Blood Cell) Syringe Filter