PALL Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Systems


Minimate™ Streamlines Laboratory-Scale Concentration, Desalting, and Buffer Exchange Processes

  • Plug-n-play design. Plug in a Minimate TFF capsule, add sample, and turn on the pump to start processing. The Minimate TFF system includes all the hardware, tubing, and fittings needed to get your TFF process up and running quickly.
  • High concentration factors. The low system working volume achieved through the use of a conical bottom reservoir and compact design enables high concentration factors from up to 1 L or more of sample to be achieved. Concentrate your sample down to as little as 5 mL.
  • All wetted components are made from low protein binding, chemically resistant, biologically safe materials.
  • Minimal sample carryover. The system has a very low volume and interior fluid contact area. Fluid does not pass through and is not retained in the pump mechanism.
  • Roller head peristaltic pumps provide gentle processing and are the choice for critical applications such as fragile biomolecules.
  • System components are designed for easy assembly and disassembly; no tools required. Tubing and fitting replacement is simple and quick. Slip nuts for luer locks eliminate tubing kinks.


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PALL Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Systems