Deltalab Sterile Dual Swabs (Wood/PS)

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Product code description presentation case qty. sterile
300210 Wood + cotton peel-pack 1000 peel pack/ 2000 pcs sterile EO
300212.1 snappable PS + viscose peel-pack 1000 peel pack/ 2000 pcs sterile EO

Two Sterile swabs wrapped in peel-pack, depending on the model.
Sterilized by ethylene oxide.
One swab is designed for cleaning the sampling area.
The other swab is designed for sample collection.
For use when samples do not need to be transported.
It is recommended our transport swabs in tubes when sample transport is
required 1,000 peel-packs with 2 units each one per case.
Expiry date: 48 month from sterilization date.

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Deltalab Sterile Dual Swabs (Wood/PS)