Biosharp 50ml Self-Standing Tube

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Biosharp 50mL self -standing centrifuge tubes with grey cap are made of high-quality
polypropylene material. These centrifuge tubes are ideal for centrifugation
and serial dilutions, as well as storage of critical laboratory reagents including
culture media, buffers. Biosharp 50mL centrifuge tubes have frosted
side panels, ideal for labeling. These tubes are sterile with
self-standing design.

  1. Manufactured from polypropylene material
  2. With graduation and marking area
  3. DNase/RNase-free
  4. Non-pyrogenic
  5. Sterile

Ordering Information

Cat no.  Description RCF Rating Packaging
BS-500-MJL-S 50mL Self-standing centrifuge tube, screw-cap, grey cap 7,000 xg 25pieces/bags, 20bags/case