XiltriX 24/7 Laboratory Monitoring And Alarm Systems

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XiltriX offer both hardware and software systems to monitoring solution for any laboratory. All day, every day, XiltriX will continuously check from one to thousands of monitor points, log the data securely and generate public or personal alarms when any parameter strays outside set limits. Fully detailed and customized reports are instantly available for auditing or diagnostics. The modular, network based design concept means that systems can be configured to meet every need, with expandability built in. XiltriX is not constrained by the physical structure of the laboratory either, as data transmission can be hard wired, wireless or a combination.

Quality standards in hospitals, blood banks, pharmaceutical industry etc. are becoming more and more
stringent. In any professionally run laboratory, product storage, microbiological processes, and
environmental conditions must all be critically controlled. It is impossible for a user to watch equipment
all the time, so IKS International has developed a system that does it for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, XiltriX watches a myriad vital parameters like temperature and pressure, and warns the user if any controlled parameter moves outside set limits.

By closely monitoring all the vital control parameters, quality loss in your product or experiment will be
prevented. Furthermore any equipment problems will usually be detected before total failure, allowing
preventive actions. These and more benefits will improve your quality system and save money in the
future: less products to be thrown away, and medicines, blood and cultures maintained under optimum
conditions. XiltriX watches over the lab and notifies those responsible when something is wrong, even
when no-one is around. XiltriX can also provide the audit trails, historical data and graphical information needed to provide quality assurance to your suppliers and customers.

Microbiological and IVF laboratories use CO2 incubators or triple gas incubators (CO2 and O2), and their internal atmospheres must be continuously monitored to maximize cell or culture viability. In the unique XiltriX system, atmosphere samples are taken from the incubator and dried. The true concentrations of CO2 and O2 are then measured at programmed time intervals using a system that is
automatically calibrated against a standard gas mixture. This ensures consistency of results and prevents false alarms. Sensor systems are available that can monitor up to 16 incubators simultaneously, keeping the cost per incubator down.

Particle counting is important for clean rooms, pharmaceutical premises and wherever airborne
particulates may be a problem. XiltriX laser-based counters are available to a number of specifications,
but typically can monitor particles down to 0.3µ in diameter. Two size channels are counted simultaneously and the count transmitted digitally to XiltriX. Using digital communication means that
there are no data losses due to signal transmission or conversion. XiltriX provides traceable, real-time
data that will greatly assist compliance with GMP and similar quality protocols.

XiltriX offers several alarm options – flashing lights, acoustic signals, pre-recorded telephone messages
via an automatic dialer, e-mail or SMS text messages. Diagnostic information is always immediately
available. For example, the SMS text module provides the location of the alarm and the value that
triggered it. Bi-directional communication allows the user to interrogate the XiltriX system, so an alarm
situation can be managed from a mobile phone. If more information is needed, the user can log in to
XiltriX at home via an internet connection.

If a monitored parameter goes out of limits, XiltriX can alert the user in many different ways. Local alarms such as sirens or flashing lights can be located centrally or in the laboratory itself. Automatic SMS
messages can be sent direct to the user’s mobile telephone, which can then be used to interrogate the
system to identify the failure. E-mail messages can be generated automatically, direct to the user’s
personal computer, in the laboratory or at home, which can then be used to view the status of the entire
system. Detailed reports, statistics and historical data are available at all times.


– Temperature: a range of Pt100 sensors covering temperatures down to -200°C and up to +250°C.
Different models for culture vessels, incubators, refrigerators, freezers and surfaces such as microscope platens
– CO2 and O2: vital for IVF and other applications of CO2 and triple gas incubators. Single sensors
or the unique IKS 16-channel CO2 and O2 substations with automatic sampling and calibration
– Pressure: differential pressure transmitters to monitor ambient pressure in clean rooms, etc.
– Humidity: to measure Relative Humidity in CO2 incubators or clean rooms
– Particles: particle counters for clean rooms or biosafety areas
– Door sensors: in case the incubator or refrigerator is left open
– Conductivity: for water purity
– Shaking: to monitor thrombocyte shakers etc.
– Special sensors on request

The building blocks of the XiltriX system, these compact, unobtrusive and stylish units provide totally
flexible, wired or wireless connection options between sensors and central server:
– Calypso: multifunctional communications between the sensor network and the system server via wireless (434 MHz) or wired (RS485) connections
– Titan: wired (RS485) communications interface between sensors and Calypso
– Telesto: wireless (434 MHz) or wired (RS485) communications between the sensor network and Calypso Rack mounted and fanless webservers are available, complete with XiltriX menu-driven software with full reporting facilities including:
– Historical reports generated in seconds
– Graphs, numerical values and statistical information from any sensor at any time
– Up to 8 parameters displayed simultaneously for easy comparison and trend analysis
– Export of all numerical and statistical data to MS Excel™ compatible files
– Statistics including all commonly used values e.g. MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature)

Home or away, immediate notification of equipment failure or imminent breakdown:
– Warning lights or sirens for local alarms
– SMS alarm package, with accurate event description and receipt acknowledgement
– E-mail package including accurate event description
– Telephone dialler with pre-recorded messages

XiltriX 24/7 Laboratory Monitoring And Alarm Systems