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Designed for routine sample protection where laboratory space is limited.

Our new ES Series lab refrigerators are the ideal choice when there is limited space in the laboratory.

All ES Series models deliver the sample protection, performance, security, and quality you have come to depend on from us:
• Integrated controller
• Digital display
• High and low temperature alarms
• Door ajar alarm
• Remote alarm contacts
• Standard door locks
• Access ports
• Low energy consumption
• CE marked
• Reversible doors
• Hydrocarbon refrigerants
• HCFC- and CFC-free insulation



ES Series Lab Refrigerators Operating Temperature Range: +1°C to +10°C
Model No. Capacity (Litre)
158R-AEV-TSC (EU) 158
158R-AEW-TSC (UK) 158
158R-AXV-TSC (EU, ATEX) 158
158R-AXW-TSC (UK, ATEX) 158
*288R models discontinued.

ATEX Versions Available.

For more information, please visit: ES Series Lab Refrigerators (


Benchtop/Undercounter – ThermoScientific