OurAir SQ500



OurAir SQ 500: What the mobile air purifier can do

  • Area coverage up to 200m2
  • Air exchange rate for smaller commercial spaces: 5 times/hr in 40m2 area
  • Fitted with individually tested H14 HEPA* filters that remove up to 99.995% of viruses and mutations
  • Minimal energy consumption and low noise emissions
  • Long-term solution after Coronavirus and availability of vaccinations
  • Size : 0.44 x 0.28 x 0.65 m
  • Net weight: 11.3kg

* according to ISO 29463 & EN 1822

Sound Output and Technical Data

Max. Power Consumption 85 W
Air Flow Rate Max. 500m3/h
Air Exchange Rate ~5 times/hour (40 m2 room)
~6 times/hour (35 m2 room)
Cabinet Material ABS plastic



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OurAir SQ500