Labnet Mini Incubator


Labnet Mini Incubator

I5110A-230V Labnet Mini Incubator

I5110A-MLR-230U Labnet Mini Incubator with Mini Lab Roller, Comes with rotisseries for 1.5, 15 and 50 mL tubes (max temp 55C)

Compact Mini Incubator

Labnet’s compact Mini Incubator is designed for personal use, small laboratories, and classrooms. The unit features a broad temperature range to meet a variety of small sample applications.

Labnet’s Mini Incubator is compact and economically priced, yet offers features not typically found in a basic incubator. The housing is all metal, as is the door frame. A plexiglass window in the door offers full visibility to the interior. One shelf is included, and can be adjusted to three different levels – additional shelves can be purchased to increase storage capacity.

  • Ideal for microbiology or hematology applications
  • Corrosion resistant chamber
  • Three shelf levels
  • Door with large viewing area
  • Pilot light to indicate heating

Even Heating and Temperature Control

Wrap-around heating elements provide even heating and uniformity and the hydraulic thermostat ensures temperature stability within the chamber. A thermometer port in the top of the unit allows the user to monitor temperatures. The large window in the door gives a clear view of the contents which can include up to 48 petri dishes or 28 standard microplates. One shelf is included, and can be adjusted to three different levels – additional shelves can be purchased to increase storage capacity. Shelves can be placed at two points within the corrosion-resistant chamber and at the bottom of the incubator. If you intend to place samples on the bottom of the chamber, install the shelf so that it sits edges down on the chamber bottom thus creating an air gap between the chamber bottom and your samples. A cord port allows small mixers to be placed within the incubator.

Competitive Performance

The heating elements in Labnet’s Mini Incubator are incorporated into the bottom and sides of the housing. This provides better temperature stability and uniformity than other incubators in it’s class. A grommet hole in the top of the unit can hold a thermometer for accurate temperature setting. In addition, the Mini Incubator has a port in the rear of the chamber which allows for an electrical cord to be routed out the back. Labnet’s Mini LabRoller™ is a perfect fit and can be used in the Incubator with any of the available rotisseries. A combo package is available which includes the Mini Incubator and Labroller™, along with the accessory rotisseries.

Temperature range Ambient +5° to 60°C
Capacity 9.2 liters/0.375 cu. ft. 6
Controls Analog
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H) 11.2 x 11 x 13.2 in (28.5 x 28 x 33.5 cm)
Interior dimensions (W x D x H) 9 x 7.9 x 7.9 in (23 x 20 x 20 cm)
Weight 8.3 kg/18.4 lb
Electrical 120V~ or 230V~, 50/60 Hz


I5110-SHELF Shelf for mini incubator
W0020-110C Non-toxic, Flour o-Polymer coated thermometer for -20to 110C, with 1C resolution, 305mm long, 76mm immersion