Echo 384PP 2.0 Qualified Source Plates


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Key Features

  • Designed for use with Echo liquid handling systems
  • Made of cyclic olefin copolymer or polypropylene
  • Enables high precision transfers for broad volume ranges
  • High accuracy and linearity of DMSO hydration measurements
  • Lot-tested to meet Echo specifications
  • Low intra- and inter-plate CVs
  • Available with tissue-culture surface treatment


  • Flat bottom, TRANSLUCENT
  • DMSO working range: 15-65 μL
  • Buffer working range: 15-65 μL*
    (includes buffers with and without protein or detergents, and containing up to 50% glycerol)
  • Protein crystallography reagents: 20–50μL*
  • For Echo 525 and 55x
Echo 384PP 2.0 Qualified Source Plates