Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler


For aqueous-based acoustic transfers

  • Designed for biochemical and genomic sample and reagent transfer
  • Improve data quality while saving on reagent costs
  • Reagent reservoir for larger volume reagent transfer

Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler Specifications

Drop volume 25 nL
Volume transfer range 25 nL – 5 µL one well to one well
Transfer accuracy <10% deviation from target volume
Transfer precision <8% CV
Reagents supported PCR and qPCR reagents, synthetic biology reagents, NGS reagents, primers and probes, cell culture media, proteins, nucleic acids, up to 50% glycerol, serum, plasma, and antibodies
Source labware compatibility EchoQualified 384 Polypropylene, 384 Polypropylene Plus, Reservoir, Microplates
Destination labware compatibility All Echo Qualified Microplates and most ANSI-compliant/SBS-standard microplates in 96-, 384-well formats 8 -16 mm in height. Use of 1536-well plates as destination plates is application dependent
Dimensions 53.9 cm width x 68.3 cm depth x 92.5 cm height (21.2 x 26.9 x 36.4 inches)
Weight 128 kg (283 lbs)
Working envelope Additional 25.4 cm (10 inches) on top, 2.5 cm (1 inch) on sides, 7.6 cm (3 inches) at front, 30.5 cm (12 inches) at back
Electrical AC 120V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A or AC 230V, 50/60Hz, 5 A
Operating temperature 21°C ± 5°C (70°F ± 9°F)
Vacuum House supply minimum 200 Torr (266 mbar, 22 inches Hg Vac)
Standalone vacuum with surge tank, minimum pump speed 2.0 m3/hr (70.68 cu ft/hr), minimum pressure 100 Torr (133 mbar, 26 inches Hg Vac)
Fluid class calibration No calibration needed
Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler