ASKION C-line® Hermetic Storage HS200


Automated cryogenic sample storage/Biobank

Performance features

  • Storage in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen
  • Independent of the sample format
  • Handling of SBS racks
  • Handling of single samples (pick-and-place robots)
  • Gripper changer system
  • Sample handling at temperatures of down to below -130°C (adjustable)
  • Storage of up to 1,000,000 samples per Hermetic Storage
  • Integrated barcode scanner for single samples and SBS racks for ambient temperatures of -130°C
  • Modularly expandable without any influence on previously stored samples
  • Continuous cold chain
  • No penetration of moisture into the deep cold work area; the HS200 remains free of ice
  • External automation in order to interconnect single storage systems to a fully automated biobank
  • Sample management for controlling the storage and retrieval processes
  • Compatible with all existing components of the ASKION C-line® System

ASKION C-line® Hermetic Storage HS200