Deltalab Yellow-Green Isofreeze Rack

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M-572 yellow-green isofreeze rack 2

Manufactured from polypropylene, this rack is filled with a non-toxic gel that maintains 4 ºC temperature for almost three hours and a half when the rack is removed from the freezer (or in case of freezer failure), protecting PCR reagents, cells, enzymes, etc, from fast temperature changes.
Moreover, the plastic changes its colour from green to yellow as long as the temperature of the rack changes (see figure). It can hold up to 96 0,2 ml single microtubes, strips, and plates.
Dimensions with lid: 141 x 99 x 44 mm.
Dimensions without lid: 141 x 99 x 38 mm.
ATTENTION: Freeze for a minimum of eight hours at –20 ºC before use. Keep it covered while being used.
Store at the freezer while not being used.

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Deltalab Yellow-Green Isofreeze Rack