Wiggens Ultra High Torque Overhead Stirrer



Remotely Controllable High Torque / High Speed Stirrers C & EC Series

* Suitable for reaction systems and other high torque / high speed applications
* Set speed can be maintained when viscosity of liquid changes
* Brushless DC motor made in Germany, for high performance stirring processes
* Maintenance-free
* Quiet and reliable
* Digitally adjustable rotation speed and direction
* Remote controller can display actual speed and actual torque as well as the set speed
* Digital (RS-232/485) and analog communication available for remote PC or PLC control

* Years of vibration-free and silent operation.
* Powerful torque capable of handling high viscosity tasks.
* Maintenance of constant motor speed by control system even under conditions of changing viscosity.
* Best effort function intelligently manages its stirring speed to keep stirring even workload is out of its capacity.
* Prevention of accidental spills or splashes thanks to microprocessor controlled smooth start and stop functions.
Practical external controller.
* Intuitive and easy control with touch TFT.
* It enables convenient and safe external control without opening the sash of the fume hood or safety cabinet.
Compact and slim head design for diverse flexibility in configuring other test
equipment and accessories. (optional)

* Sturdy aluminum main body efficiently absorbing and emitting the heat generated by the motor.
* Separated adapter from the main body minimizes the risks of electrical hazards to the users.


Model WB1800-EC
Control Type TFT Display for Speed and Torque and On-Touch Control
Speed Range (rpm) 20-800
Speed Accuracy(rpm) ±1
Maximum Viscosity (cps) 300000
Maximum Torque (N-cm) 1640
Rated Torque (N-cm) 464
Maximum Capacity (L) H2O 50
Power (W) 450
Dimensions (W × L × H in mm) 225×75×75
Motor Weight (Kg) 3.4
Order No. 100602
Wiggens Ultra High Torque Overhead Stirrer