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Midea ULT Freezer is built with Midea Active ECO Technology, products default will operate in ECO mode. Our ECO technology is designed to reduce energy consumption through compressors performance based on the loads or temperature change. The control system automatically tunes the speed of the compressors to optimize the operation. So that it can significantly reduce the rate of energy consumption while maintaining the interior temperature uniformity.

It can be used for the storage and protection of temperature sensitive samples, vaccines, longitudinal study samples, important medical research samples, valuable pharmaceutical products, clinical trial samples, biological products, electronics and special materials. Products are widely used in hospitals, disease control, CDC, scientific research institutions biomedical engineering institutes, agriculture and fishery companies.


MD-86L308 Freezer 

  1. High precision temperature control
    • Microcomputer temperature control with LED display
    • Temperature accuracy 0.1℃
    • Temperature range : -40℃ to -86℃
    • Touch Screen
  2. Safety
    • Perfect alarm systems: buzzer alarming with light flashing
    • The rapid cooling system ensures the effects of door openings are minimized
    • Safety lock
    • Backup system(CO2/LN2) as optional.
  3. Security System
    • Startup delay and stop interval protection ensure reliable operation
    • Perfect audible & visual alarm systems: High and low temperature alarm, power failure, sensor failure alarm, etc.
    • The alarm temperature can be set as required
    • Multiple protection functions: Keyboard protection, frequent start protection, refrigeration system keeps running even the sensor fails to ensure stable operation of the equipment.
  4. Refrigeration System
    • 2 efficient compressors
    • Ultra-thick foam layer, double-sealed door design
    • International famous compressor
    • Optimized evaporator and condenser for strong cooling
    • CFC free, environment friendly
    • International famous brand fan – stable performance and low noise
  5. Humanized Design
    • Food-contact grade stainless steel inner tank, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant
    • Adjustable feet + universal wheel
    • LED temperature display
    • Wide climate range
    • Wide voltage tolerance design with applicable voltage
    • Stainless steel shelf for easy cleaning.
    • Optimized evaporator and condenser layout.



  1. World-famous Components
    The compressor and fan are engineered by world-famous brands, and imported from Germany and America directly – with an increased lifespan up to 20%.
  2. Multifunction Alarms
    Include high, low temperature, sensor error, power failure, high ambient, door ajar, door
    open alarm and low battery alarm.
  3. Superior Temperature Uniformity
    Superior temperature uniformity greatly reduce risk of sample degradation caused by temperature fluctuation.
  4. High Temperature Stability
    The innovative control algorithm balances the effects of temperature loss with the unique
    frequency conversion refrigeration system, ensuring the cabinet temperature stability.
  5. Fast Cabinet Pull Down
    Usually takes an average of three hours to reach -81 ° C at 25 ° C ambient. The faster pull
    down, the safer for the samples.
  6. Low Energy Consumption
    Smart-Inverter freezer coupled with environmentally safe and friendly hydrocarbon refrigeration system, allows the freezers to operate at a low level of energy consumption.
  7. Active ECO Technology
    Midea active ECO technology can significantly reduce energy consumption and maintain
    good interior temperature uniformity at the same time.
  8. Three-dimensional insulation – Safe and Stable
    Three-dimensional insulation, safe and stable unique patent door seal design, prevent energy loss effectively. LBA foaming + VIP nanofiltration thermal insulation technology. Optimized storage design helps to increase space utilization rate by 34%. Equipped with PID temperature control system, and precise temperature control.
  9. DualGuard Cooling system
    Within DualGuard’s independent Dual Cooling System, efficient ultra-low cooling is achieved through two independent evaporator circuits surrounding the interior chamber.
  10. D-Shape Evaporator
    D-shape evaporating tube allows bigger heating exchange area. The heating exchange rate increase up to 15% – more space contact, faster pull down.
  11. LBA Forming Technology
    Better insulation, more energy-saving.
    More reasonable of the foaming layer design, higher space utilization rate.
  12. Cloud IoT Massive Storage
    5G Intelligent touch screen and multi-terminal monitoring. Equipped sample database management software, multi-screen interconnection, accurate positioning of sample storage information.



Model MD-86L308 MD-86L458
Total Storage Volume (L)  308 458
2ml Cryo Tube Qty 14400 32000
External Material Spraying Stainless steel Spraying Stainless steel
Inner Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Display     LED LED
Temperature Accuracy (℃) 0.1 0.1
Temperature Range  – 40℃ to – 86℃  -40℃ to -86℃
Product Dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 885 x 760 x 1810 885 x 855 x 1990
Interior Dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 570 x 455 x 1140 595 x 580 x 1310

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Cascade Cooling System – Midea Biomedical