Tissue-Tek® VIP®6AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor

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Process Capacity

・up to 300 cassettes

Advanced Infiltration
・10 user-selectable reagent agitation modes offer effective yet gentle agitation for enhanced infiltration.
・Onboard mixing of alcohol and xylene from the bulk reservoirs yields superb processing of fatty tissues.
・Up to 50 user-defined programs enable comprehensive tissue processing for all tissue types.

Tissue Safety
・The Solution Manager safeguards tissues during operation for safe and worry-free processing.
・The 2 bulk reservoirs provide fresh reagent (if needed during process) to eliminate under-fills.
・An automatic bottle check prevents issues BEFORE they happen by verifying reagent bottle connections prior to the start.

・Automatic Transfer allows for in-process solution rotation to significantly save time.
・An LED-lit reagent cabinet enables quick visual observation of solution levels.
・Automatic rotation of paraffin into the paraffin waste container saves time and prevents spills.


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Tissue-Tek® VIP®6AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor