Tissue-Tek AutoSection® Automated Microtome

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Fully automated SMART microtomy

AutoAlign – makes recuts a breeze
The XYZ axis of the block are automatically corrected using 3D alignment technology.
Quickly supports alignment between block and sectioning surface.

AutoTrim – quickly and safely trims blocks with one-touch operation
Automatically perform the trimming process with one touch using a preset program.
Prevents excessive trimming and improves work efficiency.

Programmable Sectioning – easy to learn, easy to use, easy to control
Customers can create preset programs by information such as block type, sectioning thickness, trimming thickness and sectioning speed.

User convenience
To prevent unexpected movement, the 3D Chuck/Specimen Holder arm is electronically locked when not in use until a user commands the AutoSection to start a function.


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Tissue-Tek AutoSection® Automated Microtome