Thermo PL6500 Series Lab Refrigerators and Freezers



Store general-purpose applications in Thermo Scientific™ PL6500 Lab Refrigerators and freezers. All models feature advanced alarm options and reliable temperature stability to meet the demanding requirements of the laboratory environment.

Capacity (Refrigerators): 221L, 386L, 1005L

Capacity (Freezers): 276L

Temperature Control

  • Advanced air stability: ±3°C
  • Digital temperature controller with intuitive interface
  • High and low visual temperature and audio alarms
  • Automatic defrost
  • High-density, fluorine free insulation
  • Interior fan for forced air circulation (two fans on double-door model PLR1006)

Heavy-duty Construction

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Lockable, dual-pane glass doors
  • Standard casters

Other Features

  • Keyed ON/OFF switch
  • Interior lighting
  • Standard 25mm access port

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Thermo PL6500 Series Lab Refrigerators and Freezers