Thermo Multidrop Dispensers


Save time at the bench with fast, reliable Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers

Fill plates in seconds with excellent precision and reproducibility, helping you run tests faster and increase productivity. Compact Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers fit easily on the bench, and the intuitive user interface makes setup and programming a breeze. Multidrop reagent dispensers based on peristaltic pump dispensing technology utilize detachable autoclavable Multidrop cassettes for the dispensing of reagents, diluents, cells, and beads.

Speed Testing Processes and Improve Reproducibility

Whether you work in a QC lab, or just want to increase the number of samples you can prepare in less time than with a pipette, Multidrop dispensers offer a convenient solution. Watch videos to learn how Multidrop dispensers can help you.

FILLit software

Multidrop Combi and Multidrop Combi nL reagent dispensers come with dedicated Thermo Scientific™ FILLit™ PC software, which allows users to develop protocols that can be run directly from the PC or transferred into instrument memory.

The FiLLIt Software is included free with the purchase of a MD Combi, MD Combi SMART2, or MD Combi nL

Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser

The Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser handles a wide selection of plates and volume range and provides fast dispensing and high-throughput operation.

  • Provides precise dispensing over a 0.5 to 2500μL range, ensuring reproducible assay data
  • Accommodates microplates from 6 to 1536 wells and plate heights of 5 to 50mm
  • Visual icon-based graphic display makes it easy to use and program, even without training
  • Minimal dead volume and back-flushing reduces reagent costs
  • Easy to use Thermo Scientific FILLit Software provides increased flexibility and functionality
  • Full robotic compatibility gives increased throughput
  • Uses eight-channel detachable and autoclavable dispensing cassettes that are standard across the Multidrop range

Multidrop Combi SMART:

  • Adds an advanced built-in tracing system to the Multidrop Combi
  • Provides improved realiability and cassette lifetime traceability, greatly enhancing user efficiency and reporting capability

Recommended for:

  • Assay development
  • Primary and secondary screening
  • Compound storage
  • Genomics and proteomics research
  • PCR set-up
  • Sequencing set-up
  • Cell based assays
  • Bead based assays
  • ELISA assays

Multidrop Combi nL – reproducible low volume reagent dispensing

Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi nL reagent dispenser offers you:
• Reliable low-volume dispensing – precise dispensing over a 50 nl to 50 μl range, giving high-quality assay data
• Increased flexibility – dispensing repeatably into plates with a variable height, allowing the user to fill either rows, columns or wells
with the easy-to-use FILLitTM PC software
• Effortless dispensing – the visual, icon-based on-board user interface makes all functions easy to set up, use and maintain
• Reduced reagent cost – low-volume dispensing, a minimal dead volume, and the backflush function minimize the use of expensive
• High throughput – the fast dispensing, combined with full robotic compatibility, ensures increased assay throughput for laboratories needing low-volume assay formats

Reliable low-volume dispensing
The Multidrop Combi nL dispenser is the newest addition to the high performance Multidrop reagent dispensing family. The Multidrop Combi nL’s valve-based dispensing technology provides an easy-to-start and easy-to-handle approach to low-volume assays. Ease of use does not mean a performance compromise. Instead, the Multidrop Combi nL dispenser guarantees high-quality assay data with unparalled precision and accuracy.
Increased flexibility
The Multidrop Combi nL dispenser provides consistent high-throughput dispensing into 1536, 384 and 96-well plates, covering a volume range of 50 nl to 50 μl. It dispenses repeatably into plates with a variable height, allowing the user to fill low-profile and standard-format microplates without changing cartridges or manifolds. Precalibrated liquid types allow a quick selection at startup. Additional liquids can be set on the unit in the standalone mode or using FILLit Software. The instrument can be used to dispense all common reagents, diluents, and buffers, as well as viscose solutions, cells and beads, making it ideal for a broad range of assays. The loss of reagent is minimized with the low dead volume and the reagent recovery feature, which allows the user to backflush all the remaining reagents from the liquid path.

• Assay development
• Primary and secondary screening
• Genomics and proteomics research
-PCR set-up
-Sequencing set-up
• Cell-based assays
• Bead-based assays