Markes TD100-xr




Enabling confident, high-throughput, automated TD analysis

TD100-xr™ is a high-throughput, automated thermal desorption system for the rapid and unattended processing of up to 100 sample tubes in a single sequence.

In contrast to other thermal desorption units, TD100-xr quantitatively re-collects samples for re-analysis or storage, enhancing sample security. TD100-xr also features an electrically cooled cold trap, avoiding the expense and inconvenience of liquid cryogen.

Who uses the TD100-xr?

TD100-xr is perfect for high-throughput analytical laboratories needing to process large numbers of tube-based samples automatically.

Product benefits

    • Enhance throughput – Capacity for up to 100 tubes and the use of sample overlap allow you to maximise productivity, e.g. unattended operation all weekend.
    • Peace of mind – With quantitative sample re-collection for repeat analysis, TD100-xr offers simple method/data validation and overcomes the ‘one-shot’ limitation of other systems.
    • Expand your capabilities – Not only does TD100-xr allow you to analyse the widest possible range of VOCs and SVOCs in a single run, but sample stacking increases sensitivity, and the unbeatable split range (splitless to 125,000:1) enables both high-concentration and trace-level samples to be analysed on the same instrument.
    • Reduce running costs by avoiding the need for expensive and hazardous cryogen, and the associated risk of ice blockage of the flow path.
    • Secure and reliable – Tubes remain capped at all times, thereby making automation mechanically simple and avoiding sample contamination and/or analyte loss.
    • Simplify chain of custody and reduce errors with the on-board TubeTAG read/write functionality, which automatically updates tube and sample information during analysis.

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