Markes TD-Kori-xr


  • Water Management System for UNITY-xr



The ultimate solution for monitoring polar species in humid gas samples.

Kori-xr addresses the problem of analyte loss when removing water from humid air streams, allowing high‑sensitivity analysis of polar species, oxygenates and monoterpenes in humid environments, sampled on-line or using canisters.

Who uses Kori-xr?

Kori-xr is ideal for laboratories needing to carry out on-line or canister analysis of humid air streams while avoiding the loss of polar species and ultra-volatiles that can occur with other approaches to water management.

Product benefits

    • High-sensitivity on-line analysis of C2 compounds, non-polar C3+ compounds, monoterpenes and polar VOCs in humid environments.
    • Part-per-trillion detection limits are easily achievable when used in conjunction with regular GC–quad MS.
    • Enhanced retention of the above species compared to a Nafion™ dryer or a trap temperature of 25°C.
    • Increased productivity through simultaneous analysis of very volatile organic compounds and polar & non-polar species in humid samples.
    • Improved chromatography due to rigorous removal of water.

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Markes TD-Kori-xr