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The astounding SPECTRO XEPOS excels at vital tasks, such as rapid screening analysis and precise product quality control.

It can be used for at-line processing of a wide variety of materials, such as petrochemicals, chemicals, environmental samples, clinker, cement, slag, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Key Features:

1. Affordable High Performance 

  • For many applications, the XEPOS analyzer performs like a WD-XRF but at the cost of a benchtop ED-XRF
  • Forget pricey wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzers
  • Choose the affordable XEPOS — perhaps the industry’s most powerful energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence tool

2. Excellent Precision/Faster Readouts

  • Choose the instrument’s highest sensitivity — to determine both minor and major elemental concentrations with great precision, including exceptionally low detection limits for critical trace elements
  • Or accept slightly less precision — to dramatically cut measurement times

3. Pre-Calibrated Application Packages

  • The standard analysis covers sodium to uranium (Na-U) and is available for rapid screening analysis to precise at-line quality control.
  •  Analyze petrochemicals, chemicals, clinker/cement/slag, cosmetics, environmental & geological samples, food, pharmaceuticals, and more

4. Spacious Measurement Compartment

  • Features multi-position Autosampler
  • Allows analysis of larger and/or irregularly shaped samples
  • An optional Helium (He) purge can be used to analyze light elements in liquids and powders, and a vacuum mode can be used to analyze light elements in powder pellets, beads, or solids.

5. Software designed and tested for Productivity

  • Enjoy easy operation and usability, with optimized access to critical information
  • Easy creation of customer-specific applications
  • Supports CFR 21 Part 11 compliance
  • Advanced diagnostic functions

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