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Portable spectrometers that can carry lab-quality analysis into the field or to the production floor.

The SPECTROSCOUT ED-XRF analyzers offer many of the same capabilities as high-end laboratory benchtop analyzers.

Whether on the production floor or in the field, these systems produce fast, dependable, truly lab-quality results – at a surprisingly low cost. In terms of performance, they offer exceptional results at all concentration levels relevant to Na-U.

As the leading portable XRF for onsite applications where results matter, the SPECTROSCOUT impresses with unparalleled precision and speed.

SPECTROSCOUT’s two models can handle a variety of elemental testing requirements, including precious metals, jewelry, food, feedstock, environmental, geochemical, metal coatings, chemicals, cosmetics, and others.

For on-site or off-site testing, portable ED-XRF spectrometer:

Field and off-site testing benefits from SPECTROSCOUT’s superior lab-class features, including the ability to analyze samples that are completely unknown and offer customized calibration options. In addition, it provides excellent spectral resolution and low detection limits across a variety of elements, from heavy elements like uranium to light elements like sodium. The unit is ideally suited for applications such as environmental screening and geochemical exploration, since it has exceptional performance and is easy to use.




Laboratory and at-line ED-XRF spectrometers:

The SPECTROSCOUT provides outstanding accuracy from ppm to percentage concentration levels. Generally, matrix matching standards are used for at-line calibration for all relevant elements in the range of sodium to uranium. The superior sensitivity allows it to produce reliable results very quickly when analyzing high concentrations of several elements. Additionally, it offers superior light-element performance for powder or solid samples without the need for heavy, costly helium flushing tanks. The SPECTROSCOUT is best suited to manufacturers of products like chemicals, oils, metal coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, feedstock, and many others.


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