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The SPECTROCUBE ED-XRF analyzer delivers easy, reliable, accurate, high-throughput analysis for a variety of applications, e.g., the analysis of precious metals, compliance screening and for many process monitoring applications like the analysis of fuels and lube oils.

The instrument is optimized for your application. If the analysis of small spots is required, the SPECTROCUBE D is the perfect choice. For many process monitoring applications the SPECTROCUBE C is very well suited.

Key Features

High Usability

Designed for high sample throughput

  • Convenient and fast operation
  • Well proven XRF Analyzer Pro software
  • Compliant with relevant test methods

Fast Analysis

  • Fast turn-around times from sample taking to completed analysis
  • At least twice as fast than competition instruments

High Reliability

  • Easy positioning of test samples
  • Sample plate with protection window
  • Detector shutter
    •  Detector window is covered and only opened during measurement
  • Software controlled collimator and filter changer

SPECTROCUBE Instrument Versions:

CUBE D (direct excitation, small spot)

  • CUBE for precious metals
  • CUBE for compliance screening
    • Can be used for other small spot applications as well (i.e. analysis of gemstones)

CUBE C (combined direct / polarized excitation)

  • CUBE low S
  • CUBE lube oil
  • CUBE 50 kV
  • CUBE 30 kV
    • Can be used for many applications, for liquids, powders, solids


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