The Only ICPOES in the Market that offers Wavelength Range from 130 to 770nm! Analyzing Chlorine is now possible!

SPECTRO ARCOS is the ideal choice for challenging samples in Environmental, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Academic Applications. Its uniquely designed MultiView plasma interface option provides truly axial-view and radial-view plasma observation in a single instrument. By an effortless turn of the load coil, the orientation of the plasma can be changed.

Its innovative, exclusive solid-state generator offers the industry’s highest power in an energy-efficient, future-proof package. The design of this device provides exceptionally low operating costs over a long, durable service life. In addition to its modern, ergonomic chassis, it boasts features such as no-purge UV-PLUS sealed gas purification technology, an OPI-Air interface without external cooling, a simplified sample introduction, and easy service and maintenance access.

The SPECTRO ARCOS ICP-OES is the ideal instrument when you need high performance and sensitivity in your Laboratory.

Key Product Features:

  • Ergonomic and functional component array- Direct visibility of and access to all sample introduction components
  • Ultra short fluid paths – right hand side sample entry
  • 4-channel Pump
  • All gas flows volume flow controlled
  • Easy to change, pre-adjusted sample introduction system
  • MultiView-True Axial and True Radial plasma observation with one instrument
  • Innovative, Powerful LDMOS Generator (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor)
  • High performance optical system–Optimized Roland Circle Alignment (ORCA) Technology
  • Simultaneous measurement of wavelengths between 130 and 770 nm
  • UV Plus System– Argon Gas filled hollow section which is sealed, no purging required.
  • OPI- Air Interface. No external cooling system required
  • No external Chiller/Air Compressor required for the operation of the instrument
  • Instrument Size : 158 x 76 x 107 cm (WxDxH), Weight: 240 kg

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