Deltalab EUROTUBO® Glass Slides

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Product code description presentation case qty.
D100001 90º cut Edges. Non clipped corners A 50 x 50
D100002 grounded 45º. Clipped corners B 50 x 50
D100003 90º cut Edges. Non clipped corners. Matt area C 50 x 50
D100004 grounded 45º. Clipped corners. Matt area D 50 x 50
D100005 grounded 90º. Non Clipped corners. Without Matt area E 50 x 50
D100006 grounded 90º. Non Clipped corners. Matt area F 50 x 50

Standard dimensions: 26 x 76 mm (± 0.2).
Clear, pre-washed glass, 1.1 mm (± 0.1) thick.
Ideal for routine analysis.
Displayed in cases of 50 units.
Each case is vacuum flow-packed to protect them from dirtiness.
Each case includes a bag of silica salt.
Expiry date: 24 months after manufacturing date.

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Deltalab EUROTUBO® Glass Slides