Wiggens Professional Bench-top Conductivity Meter


The Professional Conductivity Bench Meter is a dedicated stationary meter specially designed for laboratory and educational use.  It is able to link with a PC for online data logging, or a user can save data in its memory with the date and time and download the data later to a PC. For enhanced accuracy, the meter can calibrate up to 5 points at 1 point on each of its range.  The meter is complete with an electrode stand and a PC communication kit.


Model No. Order Code Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy Temperature compensation Battery Type Other Parameters
CON600 BC3020 0 to 1999 uS

0 to 1999 mS

(Auto Range)

±0.05% Full Scale ±1% Full Scale

+1 digit

0 to 80ºC AC-DC adapter

110-230VAC-12VDC equivalent

TDS factor: 0.40 – 1.00

Cell Constant: 0.1, 1.0, 10

Standard Accessories
1. CON600 – Main instruments
2. PC3010 -Probe Graphite Conductivity for HC3010 & BC3020
3. Electrode Stand
4. AC – DC adaptor (Non-Universal. for local Power Point use only)
5. AX30-232 – RS232 Communication cable & CD set 3000 series
6. Operation manual

Optional Accessories
1. SC0074N – CAL 74uS Standard Conductivityr solution 90ml
2. SC1413N – CAL 1413uS Standard Conductivityr solution 90ml
3. SC1288N – CAL  12.88mS Standard Conductivityr solution 90ml

Wiggens Professional Bench-top Conductivity Meter