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Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are suitable to store vaccines, medicines, laboratory and biological products, and widely used in pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, CDC, clinics and laboratories.

Our refrigerators are built with advanced technologies for safer storage and higher temperature stability. It is designed with strong cooling airflow from the top to the bottom that works as an air curtain to prevent external warm temperature of air from entering the refrigerator when door is opened. This is to maintain the temperature in the cabinet from rising rapidly and also contributes better temperature uniformity performance.


  1. High-precision Temperature Control
    • Microcomputer temperature control
    • Temperature accuracy of 0.1℃
    • Adjustable temperature ranges between 2℃ to 8℃
    • Temperature variation ≤2℃
  2. Refrigeration System
    • GMCC compressor, energy saving and rapid cooling
    • Top cooling
    • DC tube fan
    • Built-in air duct
    • LBA Forming Technology
    • Micro-channel condenser – High efficiency
    • Compressor overheating protection, effectively improving the service life of the core part
    • Patented D+ heat exchange technology, high efficiency and energy saving
    • Powerful heat dissipation for condenser, heat exchange capacity increase by more than 20% than common copper tube fin condenser of other suppliers.
    • CFC free – environment friendly
  3. Security System
    • Perfect audible and visual alarm systems: High and low temperature alarm, power failure, sensor failure alarm, door open alarm, and etc.
    • The alarm temperature can be set as required
    • Built-in battery, continuously showing the real-time chamber temperature after power off
    • Safety lock
  4. Humanized Design
    • Electric heating glass door design, effectively preventing condensation and improve visibility
    • Test hole-Monitor real-time temperature in chamber
    • Multi-layer removable shelves design with label card
    • Adjustable LED light
    • Built-in USB data logger, all data can be traced and printed
    • Self-closing door
    • Wide voltage range design for unstable power supply areas
    • LED display
    • Perfect evaporator design, ensure temperature uniformity



Model MC-5L316 MC-5L416 MC-5L756
Total Storage Volume (L)  316 416 756
Load capacity (40HQ) 71 47 38
Compressor type Fixed Frequency Inverter Inverter
Temperature Accuracy (℃) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Temperature Range 2℃ to 8℃ 2℃ to 8℃ 2℃ to 8℃
Product Dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 595 x 610 x 1920 690 x 660 x 1920 970 x 780 x 1920
Interior Dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 505 x 467 x 1358 600 x 517 x 1358 880 x 637 x 1358

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Upright – Midea Biomedical