PALL Centrifugal Devices


Centrifugal devices can replace traditional separation techniques and these devices provide efficient concentration and salt removal of samples from 50 µL to 60 mL in just minutes.

Accelerate sample processing

Concentrate and purify samples with starting volumes of < 50 µL to 60 mL.

Maximize sample recovery

Obtain high flow rates and low non-specific protein and nucleic acid binding.

Add versatility

Available in various membrane types including low-binding Bio-Inert® (modified nylon), Supor® (polyethersulfone), and wwPTFE (water wettable PTFE) microfiltration membranes, as well as Omega™ (modified polyethersulfone) ultrafiltration membrane in a variety of MWCOs.

Prevent solution bypass

Membrane seals stop solution leakage, minimizing sample loss.

Easy visual identification

Devices are color-coded for a wide variety of membranes, ranging from 1 kD to 0.45 µm.


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PALL Centrifugal Devices