Wiggens Overhead Stirrer



WIGGENS® offers overhead stirrers for your stirring and mixing tasks in the lab for low to high viscosities. Safety, power and intelligence were again at the core of the development of this product range.
WIGGENS® overhead stirrers process stirring quantities of up to 100 liters.

* Brushless DC motor, which is very suitable for long-term experimental applications
* Stable and accurate stirring process due to latest micro-processor technology
* Totally enclosed and compact casing
* Stable and quiet working process
* Internal overload protection
* Adjustable impeller shaft for different heights
* Soft start at low speed guarantees a smooth and safe stirring process
* Suitable for applications in various environments
* Comes with a reversible rotation function
* The standard version package entails the overhead stirrer, a stand, rod, and clamp, as well as a stainless steel
* Availability of a wide range of different optional impellers


Order No. WB2000-M
Display / Control Mode LED Digital Display / Knob Control
Speed Accuracy (rpm) ±1
Speed Range (rpm) 40 ~2000
Maximum Viscosity (cps) 20000
Maximum Torque (N-cm) 66
Maximum Capacity (L)H2O 50
Chuck range max. diameter (mm) 10
Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Mixing No
Input / Output Power (W) 70/50
Dimensions (W x L x H in mm) 105X160X185
Order No. 100300
Package 1 Order No. 100300-P1
Package 2 Order No. 100300-P2
Wiggens Overhead Stirrer