ONILAB High Speed Mini Centrifuge – D1012UA


Onilab High Speed Mini centrifuge is ideal for quick spins, microfiltration of samples, cell separations and many other routine laboratory procedures

  • Easy to operate with dual start/stop function
  • Maximum speed 10,000 rpm (7,490 x g)
  • OLED Display, switch between speed and time
  • DC motor drive, smooth and quiet operation
  • Safe, endurable and robust rotor with clamp locking design, easy to operate
  • Wide Voltage technology; speed is not affected by voltage fluctuation, high speed accuracy
  • Screen buttons can adjust the start/stop of the motor, supporting both soft braking and instant stop modes
  • Acceleration/Deceleration: 1↑/2↓
  • Weight: 1.5kg


Max. Speed 10,000 rpm
Max. RCF 6,708 × g (1.5ml/2ml)

6596-7490 x g (PCR 8 strips)

Rotor Capacity 0.2mL x 44 PCR tubes
0.5/1.5/2mL x 12 tubes
0.2mL × 4 PCR 8 strips
Run control 10s – 20min
Motor type DC motor
Dimension [D×W×H] 210×180 ×130 mm
Noise Level ≤58dB

ONILAB High Speed Mini Centrifuge – D1012UA