ONILAB HCM100-Pro – Thermal Mixer


The Thermo Mix series implement precise and efficient heating and mixing, with excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity, offering a wide range of applications, such as gene synthesis, gene purification, gene and protein denaturation, enzymatic reaction, bacterial culture, etc.

Unique Features:

  • Stable and wide range of speed adjustment
  • Block equipped with a lid for heat preservation
  • Quick interchange of blocks with magnet adhesion technology and without any tools
  • Compatible with various tubes
  • Programmable
  • Flexible adapter selection
  • Precise temperature control for heating and cooling
  • Excellent mixing result


Functions Heating, cooling & mixing
Temperature Range 15 degrees below room temp.
(No less than 0°C) – 100°C
Temperature Setting Range 0.1℃ – 100℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity Max.± 0.5°C
Max. Heating Rate 5.5°C/min
Max. Cooling Rate 5°C /min(100°C room temp.)
0.5°C/min(below room temp.)
Mixing Frequency 200 – 1500rpm
Mixing Orbit 3 mm
Screen TFT
Overheating Protection 150°C
Adapter Block Material Aluminum
Voltage, Frequency DC12V,100–240V,50/60Hz
Power 200W
Dimension [D×W×H]
(without the heating block)
Weight 7.3kg


Cat no. Descriptions
18900401 Heating block, used for 0.5mL tubes, 24 holes
18900402 Heating block, used for 1.5mL tubes, 24 holes(cone bottom)
18900403 Heating block, used for 2mL tubes, 24 holes(round bottom)
18900404 Heating block, used for 5mL tubes, 8 holes
18900405 Heating block, used for 5mL tubes, 8 holes, cone bottom
18900406 Heating block, used for 15mL tubes, 8 holes
18900407 Heating block, used for 50mL tubes, 4 holes
18900420 Heating block, used for 0.2ml/96 well PCR plate
18900423 Heating block, used for 96/384 microplate



ONILAB HCM100-Pro – Thermal Mixer