ONILAB EcoVac – Economical Vacuum Aspirator


Onilab EcoVac is small. compact and easy to use system for the convenient handling of liquid waste disposal. It is also suitable for any application where the single liquid suction volume is less than 2L.The applicability includes use of various common consumables,which can be widely used in the collection and removal of liquids in experiments of microorganisms,molecules,proteins,cells,etc.,and other applications such as RNA/DNA extraction, Western blots and ELISA.

  • Small and compact to fit in the cabinet, on the benchtop or even beneath the bench
  • Easy to switch between manual aspiration and continuous aspiration mode, reducing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and improving efficiency
  • Collection bottle outlet with hydrophobic filter prevents aerosol and liquid contamination
  • Brushless motor offers low noise and long life
  • Different adapters are available to fit a multitude of laboratory supplies
  • The parts in contact with liquids can be autoclaved
  • Adjustable vacuum level with indicator light is designed for various applications


  • Aspiration of supernatants after centrifugation
  • Aspiration of eluent
  • Removal of supernatants during nucleic acid extraction
  • Removal of culture media
  • Removal of wash solutions from immuno-assay well-plate
  • Removal of buffers of Western blot strips
  • Removal of excess liquid from slides and Petri dishes


Vacuum Range  0 – 500 mbar
Aspirating Speed 1 – 15 mL/S
Flow Rate  17 mL/s
Dimension[W×D×H]  180×240×340 mm
Weight 2.8 kg
Motor type Brushless Motor
Bottle Volume 2L standard,
1L optional with adaptor


Cat no. Descriptions
17900167 Vacuum Bottles – 1L(with adapter) used for EcoVAC
17100556 Single needle  Φ1.5mm, 40mm
17100557 Single needle  Φ1.5mm, 120mm
17100602 Single needle  Φ2.5mm, 40mm
17100603 Single needle  Φ2.5mm, 120mm
17100360 8 channel needle Φ1.5mm
17100578 Tip detrusion adapter 200ul tip
17900150 Tip detrusion adapter 1ml tip
17100577 8-channel tip detrusion adapter 200ul tip
17100301 Hydrophobic filter 0.45um,1pc/pk
17600119 Vacuum Bottles – 2L  used for EcoVAC




ONILAB EcoVac – Economical Vacuum Aspirator