ONILAB Dry Bath – HB120-S


Dry Bath Series HB120-S is designed with small footprint, rapid, accurate temperature control and overheating protection. It is able to accommodate with various types of tube holders to meet every lab need.

Unique Features:

  • Useful for heating of samples at low temperatures.
  • LED digital display of temperature and time.
  • A wide range of tube holding blocks to accommodate tubes with different capacities.
  • A transparent plastic Lid is available to better preserve the temperature.
  • Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity to minimize the operation error of final test.


Functions Heating
Temperature range Room temp. – 120°C
Temperature control Accuracy [at 37°C] ± 0.5°C
Temperature uniformity ± 0.5°C
Max. heating rate 5.5°C/min
Time setting range 0 min – 99 h 59 min
Display LED
Overheating protection 140°C
Heating block material Aluminum
Power 160W
Dimension[W×D×H ] 175 x 290 x 85 mm
Weight 3kg


Cat. No. Diameter x Depth Descriptions
18900218 6.4mm × 15mm Heating block, used for 0.2mL tubes, 54 holes
18900219 8.2mm × 26.4mm Heating block, used for 0.5mL tubes, 40 holes
18900253 11mm × 34.7mm Heating block, used for 1.5mL tubes, 40 holes
18900220 11mm × 34.7mm Heating block, used for 2mL tubes, 40 holes
18900221 17mm × 48mm Heating block, used for 5/15mL tubes, 28 holes
18900222 29.8mm × 48mm Heating block, used for 50mL tubes, 8 holes
18900223  - Heating block, used for 96/384 microplate
18900224  - Heating block, used for 0.2mL, 0.5mL and 1.5/2mL tubes , 18 holes each volume



ONILAB Dry Bath – HB120-S