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* Glass-made counter window-This will not be worn out within the clean bench work and be enlarged easy to read the volume.
* Lock mechanism-New material used for 4notche-lock improves its strength, which minimizes the lever shift from the original position.
* Body-Materials used for pipette body have high tolerance to solvents and drop impact.
* Plunger-Non corrosive ceramic used in the plunger. (100µL ‒ 10000µL)
* Seal ring-Seal ring for the Premium is tested dispensing / aspirating 600,000 times. Non-greased plunger makes it easy to maintain. (2µL-1000µL) The test was conducted by Nichiryo.The test result may vary with condition of usage.

* 5-Year Warranty

* Specifications

Cat. No Volume Setting Volume range(μL) Increments(μL)
00-NPP-2 Digital Setting 0.1~2 0.002
00-NPP-10 0.5~10 0.01
00-NPP-20 2~20 0.02
00-NPP-100 10~100 0.1
00-NPP-200 20~200 0.2
00-NPP-1000 100~1000 1
00-NPP-5000 1000~5000 10
00-NPP-10000 1000~10000 10

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[Nichiryo] Premium Micropipettes