MP Biomedical FastPrep Lysing Matrices


MP Biomedical FastPrep Lysing Matrix Tubes

A comprehensive range of specialized Lysing Matrix tubes tailored to ensure complete homogenization and cell lysis of any sample.

FastPrep® Lysing beads and matrices make difficult-to-lyse samples easy. No matter how tough or resistant your samples are our bead  beating tubes will effectively disrupt cell walls, providing the highest yields of nucleic acids and proteins in a matter of seconds. Sample lysis tubes from MP Biomedicals are highly reproducible with no cross-contamination. All lysing matrix tubes are standard sizes and fit just about any homogenizer on the market. We offer a wide variety of lysing beads and matrices to fit all sample types and applications.
· Optimal cell disruption for any sample. Size of the beads and composition optimized according to the sample.
· No cross contamination with closed Lysing Matrix tubes.
· Available in 2ml, 4.5ml, 15ml, 50ml tubes or 96 well plates.
· Fit any high-speed bead-beating homogenizers.
· Validated worldwide with 3,000+ Lysing Matrix specific publications.
FastPrep® sample tubes range from low to high impaction breaking down any sample type whether the cell walls are hard or soft. Sample types include but are not limited to: human and animal and plant tissues; microorganisms like bacterial, yeast and fungi; plant, soil, fecal, plus insects and worms. Impact-resistant lysis tubes with beads are available in 2 mL, 4.5 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL and 96-well format sizes and contain a wide variety of materials to meet your lysing, grinding, and homogenization needs. All matrix particles are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure optimum performance. The lysing matrix particles are then dispensed into the Lysing Matrix Tubes under a rigorous set of proprietary conditions allowing complete confidence for immediate use. For optimal performance and results we recommend using in conjunction with our FastPrep-24™ 5G Homogenizer and FastPrep® Extraction Kits. Using this combination to easily grind, lyse and homogenize any sample type in seconds. Not only is it fast and efficient but can be dependable time over time. FastPrep® Lysing Matrix tubes are very versatile, consisting of 16 unique sample tubes that fit any sample type! Whatever your sample, we have the solution. Our matrices contain properties that contribute to optimum success in your protocols. Various properties of a lysing matrix particle, whether inherent or selected, can yield a myriad of end-products depending on the dynamic qualities instilled in that particle by said properties. The inherent properties include the hardness, composition, and density, while the selected properties include the shape and the size.

2mL lysing matrix tubes

Designed to be used with Fastprep instruments and any high speed bead-beating machines

4.5mL lysing matrix tubes

Designed to be used with Fastprep instruments combined with the Tallprep sample holders

15mL lysing matrix tubes

Designed to be used with Fastprep instruments combined with TeenPrep sample holders

50mL lysing matrix tubes

Designed to be used with Fastprep instruments combined with Bigprep sample holders

96-tube lysing matrix rack

Designed to be used with the Fastprep-96 instrument for high-throughput applications.

Bulk lysing matrix beads

A wide range of bulk package beads and tubes