Wiggens MISTRAL EVOLUTION GAS-STATION x Agilent AES 4100MP ( Nitrogen and zero generator (N2+Air))


The Mistral-Evolution nitrogen gas generator is specifically designed and built to meet the flow, purity, and pressure requirements of today’s LCMS systems.  It can also be used for the evaporation of solvents in samples being analyzed. The simple but well-proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology is used to separate nitrogen from the other gases present in compressed air.

The Mistral-Evolution family is optimized to generate nitrogen of constant purity for improved performance of analytical instruments, resulting in an overall improvement in lab productivity. It is especially suited for LCMS, which requires a continuous supply of pure nitrogen which usually cannot be provided by gas tanks. With no gas tanks, there are no expenses related to the gas supply, transportation, storage, and handling.  As an added benefit, the pure nitrogen produced at low pressure and room temperature eliminates the risks associated with high-pressure gas bottles and the handling of liquid nitrogen.

The Mistral-Evolution is easy to install.  A 220V-50Hz (optional 110V-60Hz) power source is all that is required. The low noise of the instrument allows installation near the LCMS, but it can be located up to 30 meters away.

* Mistral-Evolution 10 Nl / min
* Mistral-Evolution 15 Nl / min
* Mistral-Evolution 25 Nl / min
* Mistral-Evolution 35 Nl / min
* Mistral-Evolution 40 Nl / min
* Mistral-Evolution Hybrid for the LCMS AB SCIEX
* Mistral-Evolution Gas-Station x Agilent AES 4100MP

The Mistral LCMS Evolution (PSA technology), which includes an integral oil-free air compressor, delivers a continuous stream of pure nitrogen gas of 98.5% at a flow rate of 40 Nl/min. It uses the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system that removes oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water from compressed air. The resulting stream of pure nitrogen is ideal for LCMS techniques and other inert gas applications.

The Mistral EVO Hybrid nitrogen generator was specifically designed to meet the flow, purity, and pressure requirements of the LCMS of AB SCIEX. The simple and proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology is employed to remove nitrogen from compressed air. Selective mol sieves (CMS) adsorb remaining oxygen and traces of humidity.

The new Mistral EVO Gas-Station is the global dedicated solution for the Microwave Agilent 4100MP system. The well-known and proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology is used to simultaneously generate nitrogen and dry air — the nitrogen with a purity >99.5% at up to 25 Nl/min, and the air at up to 40 Nl / min, suitable for POP and EGM. This combination allows the system to stabilize quickly and be ready faster. Thanks to specialized insulation, the Mistral EVO Gas-Station can be installed in the laboratory near the instrument or underneath the laboratory bench.

N2 Flow Up to 25L/min at 8bar max
Air Gas Flow Up to 40L/min at 8bar max
Purity >99.5%
Voltage 110V/60Hz-230V/50Hz
Weight 110 kg net
Consumption 2500 W
Pressure accuracy 0.1 bar ( ±0.5% )
Display Graphic Display,128×64px
Protection IP2x
Temperature From 15℃ to 40℃
Air dewpoint at operating pressre -40℃
Noise <60 dB
Alarm relay 250VAC,16A max
Outlet rapid fitting for 6mm OD tube
Dimension ( mm ) 482W×1235L×641H
Certification CE, CSA, FCC
Wiggens MISTRAL EVOLUTION GAS-STATION x Agilent AES 4100MP ( Nitrogen and zero generator (N2+Air))