Markes TF-SPME Starter Kit



TF-SPME Starter Kit

TF-SPME (Thin-film solid-phase microextraction) is a novel sampling approach for sorptive extraction of VOCs and SVOCs and ultra-trace level analysis.

Developed by the inventor of SPME, Professor Janusz Pawliszyn, TF-SPME uses a carbon mesh strip impregnated with a sorptive phase of 100× greater volume than a typical SPME fiber.

As with traditional SPME, TF-SPME membranes can be used to extract volatile and semi-volatile analytes from solids and liquids, using immersive or headspace techniques. However, the much greater surface area offers high extraction rates and sensitivity, making TF-SPME an ideal sampling tool for ultra-trace level analysis.

Applicable to a wide range of compound classes.

  • Robust fiber design and flexibility enable sampling in challenging environments.
  • An environmentally friendly, solvent-free analytical approach.
  • Split-flow re-collection on compatible instruments enables repeat analysis under different split conditions – aiding a wide range of characterisation.

Selectivity for certain classes possible with starter kits for four sorptive phases:

  • PDMS is suitable for non-polar VOCs & SVOCs.
  • PDMS/CAR is suitable for VVOCs.
  • PDMS/DVB is suitable for general analysis of VOCs & SVOCs.
  • PDMS/HLB has a balanced affinity for polar and non‑polar compounds, and is suitable for analysis of ‘unknowns’

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Markes TF-SPME Starter Kit