Markes TD – TT24-7




Uninterrupted monitoring of trace chemical vapours

TT24-7™ is an advanced thermal desorption system for continuous near-real-time (NRT) monitoring of VOCs and SVOCs in air or gas.

TT24-7 ensures 100% data capture by using a twin-trapping design that can accommodate a wide range of sampling flow rates. As with all Markes’ thermal desorption instruments, TT24-7 operates completely cryogen-free, enabling it to be used in both static and mobile laboratory facilities.

Who uses the TT24-7?

TT24-7 is ideal for those needing to continuously monitor air or gas streams for trace-level organic compounds by GC. It allows the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals to be minimised by responding rapidly to changes in airborne concentrations.

Product benefits

  • Reliable, trace-level detection – TT24-7 delivers unparalleled sensitivity and selectivity, even in dirty environments. It eliminates false negatives and minimises false positives.
  • Get your results in near-real-time with fast cycle times.
  • Rest assured that the continuous monitoring provides 100% data capture – no blind spots.
  • Convenience – cryogen-free operation makes the system suitable for static and mobile laboratories.
  • Flexibility – the cryogen-free design makes TT24-7 suitable for use in either static or mobile laboratories.
  • Peace-of-mind – you are buying a quality product from the recognised leader in thermal desorption instrumentation.

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